Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Puppy-Dog Feet

So I realized just now that JJ is going to be five months old next Monday.

José Jalepeno on the floor, when did that happen??????

Well, i decided the moment called for a new foot picture and line-up, so here they come...


12-15-2011... three weeks old exactly.

This would be right around the time the Screeching Banshee Child first made his appearance.

Made for some Long Nights.

02-03-2012... ten weeks old to the day.

He was still a pretty sleepy guy most of the time...

02-26-2012 ... 93 days.  

At this point the NB size clothes were starting to get pretty snug.

03-14-2012 ... 3 months 20 days.

This was right after our first major excursion out into the yard, 
where Daddy tried to bundle him up like we lived in the dang Arctic.

04-08-2012 ... 18 weeks 5 days.

The NB clothes have all been retired, and several 0-3 month outfits are also in the "Too Small" pile.
The 3-6s and 0-6s are now in the clothing rotation.

Today... 04-18-2012... 143 days. 

One week shy of 5 months.

I had to buy new socks last week because he has outgrown every last one of the ten pair we had.

The new ones are 6-12 month size, and fit perfectly.

I am in So.  Much.   Trouble.

On the plus side...

The new ones are super cute!!!


  1. Love progression pics! He's getting so big! Mine will be 5 months next week, too! :( Time flies! Cute socks -- where did you get them? I'm in desperate need of some bigger ones (and ones he can't kick off!), as well!

  2. Amazon, hon. Amazon is a serious sanity saver for me. :) I got two different kinds and will be writing a product review here in a minute. :)