Monday, April 16, 2012

*blinks* Is that sunlight?!?!

No, it hasn't been unseasonably gray and rainy here in the big city.

I've just been stuck in the bedroom for the better part of the last month.

Baby boy's reflux got super bad, we finally got him on meds, but it the last several weeks have been a slow progression of being held for naps, then sitting on the bed while he napped in the crib so I was instantly available when the 40 Minute Monster struck, and today...

Well.  Let me back up about 18 hours.

Last night little man got into bed about an hour later than he has been going down lately, due to poor timing with phone calls and such.  Nobody's fault, it just happened.

A very frazzled mommy snuck out of the bedroom, said "Hell with it, if he wakes up, he wakes up.  I'm gonna eat dinner at the table with my husband like a grown person."

JJ proceeded to shock the living daylights out of me and sleep like a rock until hubby and I went to bed around 10.

I think if the furnace hadn't decided to randomly turn the bedroom into a turkish bath at 2am, he might just have slept through the night.

SO ... this morning I had the same rested relatively happy baby that has been smiling at me for the past several days, and I decided to make the experiment.

I am tired of sitting in the bedroom (which has dark curtains) being a mole.  Kid's gonna learn to nap, darn it!!!!

So I snuck out after I put him down for nap #1.  To my surprise, he managed a fair hour & ten minutes.  Not the hour & thirty we've been working on, but he made it through the transition on his own!


Nap #2... Again, I quietly shut my laptop and ease out of the bedroom, still humming "Baby Mine" as softly as I am physically able.

AND HE DID IT, FOLKS!  One hour and thirty three minutes, roughly, considering that he was awake but still quiet and happy when I stuck my head in to check, which means he had not been awake for more than two or three minutes, tops.

We are now attempting Nap #3.



Fifty minutes and counting, and not a peep from the bedroom.

Well, whattaya know.  I might have a prayer of getting him on some kind of routine after all.

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