Sunday, April 29, 2012

Puppy-Dog Feet, Part Two

So, my son's baby registry is still active.

I use it as a constantly revolving and updating shopping list of what we currently need for him, and how urgently we need it (LOVE their priority sort feature).

I know, it's lame.  Possibly even tacky.

What can I say, I'm too lazy (read:sleep-deprived) to create a whole new wish list to serve the same purpose.

SO... a week or two ago when I realized that NONE of JJ's socks still fit, I hit my handy dandy little "Baby List" bookmark, signed in, and ordered two different sets of baby socks.

I swear, I get a little rush every time I get to buy baby stuff.  It's like a mini-Christmas in April.

*shakes head & refocuses*

Right... the point...

The point is, now that I've had both sets for a week, it's product review time. To put the following in context, JJ has socks on most of the day and night. He seems to have inherited my popsicle toes, so unless he's having a bath or a foot massage, he's wearing socks.  Thus, the socks I buy for him need to hold up to nearly continuous wear over 24 hours, fit snugly enough to stay on, but not be so tight as to restrict circulation or leave lasting marks.

Set #1: Luvable Friends 6-Pack Fun Stripe Combo Socks, 6-18 months

                  On the site...

                                 .... On the baby!

These are your basic cute cheap baby sock.  $5.00 plus s&h for six pair.  The patterns are woven in, there's no texturing on the bottoms, they're fairly light-weight fabric, and there's plenty of stretch for growing room.  Some reviews mention that the stitching top cuff occasionally comes undone, and though I haven't seen this happen yet, I took a good look at the stitching and I see how it could, the tail end of the thread isn't always back-stitched for security.  The elastic band at the top did leave a red mark when worn as shown, but left down closer to his ankles it was loose, but still stayed on.

Set #2: Robeez 3-Pack Train Socks, 6-12 months

                  On the site...

                       .... On the baby!

These are a bit thicker than the Luvables, and as you can see they have more detailing.  They're also more expensive, $10 for a 3-pack, but so far they're worth it.  They're a little sturdier, a little thicker, the printing on the bottoms is textured so you have some skid protection, and the elasticity of the whole sock holds up better over 24 hours of wear.  The package boasts that they are "Kick- Proof", and so far the claim holds true!  The one and only con - like the Luvables, they left red marks on JJ's chubby li'l calves, but left to bunch at the ankles, they're fine.   (And they still stayed on!)

Between the two, I'm honestly happy with both sets, for different purposes.  When the weather is super cold or if we're going out and it's chilly at all, I'll go with the Robeez for the extra heft in the fabric.  They're also my go-to when JJ's going to be in his bouncer, because the textured printing on the bottoms gives him just a little extra traction.  Just bumming around the house, or it's warm outside but not warm enough for bare feet, I'll hit up the Luvables.  Between them, I've got a good color mix so I can find something that looks good with whatever he happens to be wearing, and they're all adorable. :)

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