Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reboot: Day One

So, I'm home. I'm sore, but doing okay. JJ had a rough go of bedtime last night. I tried for almost two hours, John finally had to come in and take over, and that did not help my mommy-heart at all.  Naptime today was a slightly different story... he did go to sleep for me, even though he fussed and flipped over when I slid out of the bed.  Hopefully letting him nurse completely on demand for a while will reverse the damage done to my supply while I was in the hospital. I pumped, I swear. It was the first thing I asked for when they admitted me. I set alarms on my computer and dragged myself up out of the drug haze every three hours.  I still lost a lot of supply and JJ is less than pleased with the current availability. I'm hoping he'll be determined enough to suckle until my body figures out that the demand has returned.

I'm doing okay with food. Last night was really light fare, broth, toast, yogurt, hot tea. Today I'm venturing into salad, fruit, and pretzel rods. No problems so far, but it has been firmly impressed upon me that the concept of portion control is my new best friend. I've got some serious mental retraining to do... no longer can I eat until I'm full (because by that point we've been at the table about 20 minutes too long anyhow), but I need to learn to stop when I'm just "not hungry anymore".  So yeah... NO MORE EXCUSES. (Thaaaaaat would be JJ playing with Mommy's caps lock button... it has a green light which he finds utterly fascinating.)

The good news is, since my last actual doctor's appointment (almost a month ago), I've lost thirteen pounds.

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(Yes, I know that the vast majority of that is most likely due to having an organ removed and sitting on my butt in the hospital not eating for a week. Shush. Don't ruin my moment. :P)

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