Thursday, February 7, 2013

Epic Cuteness Brought to You by Naptime

After chasing this little monster out of the bedroom (he snuck in while I was grabbing pictures), I bring you...

Epic Cuteness

 After falling asleep HARD come nap time, little mister stirred and cried less than an hour in. *shudder*  Trust me, this child needs 90 minutes at a bare bones minimum, 2 hours is a lot better, so you'd best bet I scrambled right in there!

(Oh, the pack&play in the background? Yeah, that's no longer his bed, as of about a week ago. I couldn't handle lifting twenty-five pounds of toddler in and out of that thing anymore!)

Apparently scrambling has its advantages. He was looking directly at me when I opened the door, smiled, and immediately lidded his eyes and waited for me to lay down with him.  Got him nursing, and he was asleep again in under 5 minutes.  SCORE, right?  Wait for it, it gets better.

That raised arm? As he was drifting back to sleep, JJ grabbed my free hand, moved it to his hair and held it there until I started finger-combing those gorgeous soft waves. Then he wrapped both of those little arms around mine and laid there and suckled until he slipped off again.

I might just have to melt into a little puddle of gooey sappy OMG-how-is-my-heart-not-exploding toddler-love.

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