Thursday, March 7, 2013

15 months ... Mind. Blown. Seriously.

I love his expression here... "Yeah... you know I'm cute."
So. Fifteen Months. Yup, you read that right.  JJ is fifteen months old, has been for about two weeks.

And I am daily beset by that stunned feeling of "Wait... when did that happen????"

Because this kid is smart, y'all, I mean so smart it's just a little bit scary. And awesome. Watching as he explores and pokes and experiments, you can actually see him working stuff out, and it is the coolest damn thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Every single day he does something completely new.  Just lately he added the sign for "Diaper" to his working vocabulary, and is letting me know when he would like a change. He's decided that walking is awesome, and running looks even awesome-er... though he hasn't quite tried it yet! (YET being the operative word there.) He has (FINALLY) started to grasp that "JJ, no touch" or "No, sweetheart, not for JJ" isn't something to melt down over, it just means that whatever he's got his hand on isn't for him to play with. He even obeys and leaves it alone... most of the time.

He's SOOO big now... remember these pictures?

Yeah... 'bout that.

I would dearly love to get my hands on the sadistic excuse for a fairy godmother that decided now was a good time for JJ to start working on his 2-year molars.  Why?  Because after nearly two months of sleeping for almost 12 hours straight at night, we're back to this:


And by constantly, I mean there is no point wearing a top to bed, because if I waste the three seconds it takes to make the girls available, he wakes up, screams at me for being slow, and then refuses to go back to sleep. Much easier to simply leave the milk-bar ready and waiting.  During the day it's a bit easier, there's stuff to distract him with, but at night? Yeah, the no-limit wee-hours milk bar is back in play for the time being, because otherwise I would not be getting ANY sleep.

Oh, hey... remember this?

Well, now it's this:

And he has figured out that the dust pile is for sweeping, not sitting in... mostly.

This is one of his favorite games, you should hear the giggles.


We're just getting started on the whole "potty chair" concept... 
at least he's figured out that THIS is for sitting on!

The reward, though, for the sleep deprivation and endless trying of my patience is the smiliest, giggliest, most curious and determined little critter I've ever known.

Gotta love that face!!

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