Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sleep Regressions SUCK!!!

It's official, my kid is the cutest kid ever. :P

That's his baby-mirror he's playing with... I recently figured out a way to attach it to his pack 'n play, so now I'm typically being woken in the morning by baby-giggles as he plays with his "friend"... infinitely preferable to being woken by "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH", let me tell you.

Okay, so y'all probably remember my moaning and whining about the 4 month sleep regression.

The 8 month?  Yeah, it's worse.

He's back to waking up an average of three times a night, and this time adjusting his reflux meds didn't fix it.  HELPED, oh wow did it help (he was up to 5-6x a night again and I was one cranky momma!), but the remaining three aren't reflux related.  Totally different cry, that.  Now, if they were spread out, I could deal with it, but they're all clustered between about 2 am and 6.


He's also trying to drop a nap.  Yeah, he wants to go down to one nap already, he's been trying for a month, but until today I just wasn't seeing enough to indicate he was really ready.  Oh, we tried a couple of times, and there have been a few days where everything lined up just right and one nap did the job, but most days he just hasn't been up to the 4-5 hour wake times needed to pull off one nap.

Sacked out in the new pack 'n play.

BUT... that first nap in the morning keeps sneaking earlier and earlier.  Today he was only awake for an hour and forty before he got cranky and hungry and passed out at the breast in four minutes flat.  I haven't seen that short of a morning wake time since he was still taking three 2 hour naps every day.  Aaaand then he refused to nap again until 1:45, and only slept until 2:30.  Used to be he had to be awake by 4pm in order to sleep at 7.  Then 3:30, and it's been 3pm for a while now... so he was about due to back it up another half hour.

So, I'm thinking since John's off work tomorrow, it'd be a good day to take a real stab at the single nap day JJ apparently REALLY wants.

Kid's gonna have to get used to our Ergo (thank you, miss Elora!!!), if he's gonna only take one nap, because I absolutely cannot be stuck on my butt entertaining him all day with only one break.  Can't.  Won't.  Nuh uh.  Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Even if he is the cutest thing ever.


  1. Oh how I miss those long naps. Our gal still has 2 naps a day (thank you Lord), but they are usually only 45-60mins. Ugh. If she is sick (like now) or growing through a growth spurt she MIGHT sleep 90 minutes. And God FORBID she falls asleep after 4pm..It's like giving her 15 cokes. She's up til 9 or so, even if she is exhausted. Enjoy the long naps while you can. And he IS adorable!!

  2. JJ's had a sleep cutoff since he was 3 months old. It keeps edging earlier too. If the day is just screwed up and he NEEDS to sleep after the cutoff, I just resign myself to a late evening of entertaining the baby, because he will NOT sleep until 9 or so if he gets so much as half an hour after the cutoff! 15 cokes... yeah, that sounds about right. LOL!! And believe me, I do so love those long naps. Lately I'm back to lying back down for the first one and going back to sleep myself!

    Fortunately he popped up at 2:30 on his own this afternoon, and he's stayed down since his usual post-bedtime top-off feed (during which he didn't give me the hour-long fight it's been for the last two weeks), so I am cautiously optimistic for tonight's sleeping.