Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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I realized this morning that it's been almost a month since I've posted!  Woops, sorry folks!  I owe y'all a major update!


JJ turned 7 months old on the 2nd.  He'd been doing the all-fours rocking for a couple of weeks, so I knew it was time to retire the Arm's Reach and get him a deeper bed... but oops, bad Mommy, I didn't get around to it in time!  On the 4th (yes, Independence Day, how's that for irony), my son decided to let me know he was up from his nap by climbing out of the Arm's Reach, onto the night-stand, and riding the stereo down to the floor!

I swear to you, my heart stopped dead in my chest for the ten seconds between the massive THUDTHUDTHUD and the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!  The fact that I was across the living room, through the door, and halfway around the bed before he started crying not withstanding.  And there's my baby on the floor, shrieking with the stereo cable in his hand.  Thankfully he was fine, but we watched him like a hawk and ran out that same morning to pick up a pack'nplay I found on Craigslist.

This, I captioned "There.  Climb outta THAT, ye wee beastie, ye!"
A friend promptly responded, 
"His expression says 'Okay, Mom, just turn your back and gimme five.'"

In the week since, he has made HUGE strides on his pulling up and cruising skills, because the rails of the P'nP are juuuuust high enough that he can reach them and peek over the side once standing, but much too tall for him to use to climb out.

For now.  *facepalm*

But each day he tolerates a little more time inside it in its guise as a play-pen, so I'm finally getting some baby-not-on-mommy time while he's awake on a regular basis, which is LOVELY.  

Lately he's started playing with more consonant sounds.  We've got "buh", "guh", and the most recent addition appears to be an attempt at "th", but there are a lot of spit bubbles involved.  ;)  He's also discovered that he can blow buzzers (or "tummy-flurbers", as John calls them) on my shoulder if he gets a good seal with that wide open mouth!

John & JJ being silly billies...

He's working his way through quite a range of table food, trying out whatever unprocessed something is on the menu, cut into fingers he can hold in his fist & gnaw on.  No teeth yet, but the symptoms resurface periodically, so it can't be far off.

We've decided not to bother with sippy cups, except for traveling, because he's so grabby for our glasses that we just started teaching him to drink from a cup.

And cups?  Not the only thing he grabs for.

"Hi, Mom!"

"Don't mind me... I'm just a cute little baby..."

"Dang... Missed."

The cat isn't safe either.

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