Sunday, May 20, 2012

Too Hot to Walk

It finally happened.  It got too hot outdoors to take my daily walks.


The universe is out to sabotage me, I swear.

"Yeah, always with the excuses."

No, seriously.  It's too hot.  I walk with JJ, it's been too warm for the Moby since mid-March, and with the canopy up on the stroller to protect him from the sun, he gets too warm, goes to sleep, and it throws the whole afternoon's routine off-kilter.  Off-kilter afternoon = late bedtime = CRANKY baby.

So for exercise, I am forced to resort to my stationary bike in the basement while JJ naps.

For outside time... *grins*


Not even six months old,
and he thinks he's a CK model.
I mean, LOOK at that sprawl!

He thinks the laptop is fascinating.
Keeping those little fingers off my keyboard 
and trackpad is interesting, y'all.

He's watching his own image on the screen, lol.

Check out my little DUDE!!!

A "spinner" off the maple entertained him 
for a good fifteen minutes. 

Then he tried to eat it.

Nursing outdoors is SO relaxing.
Oh, chill, Mom, you can't see anything.

Heehee... it's cute now, but I can already see
that look coming at me dripping with teenage disdain.

"Mom... what are you doing???  Yeah, I'm cute.  So what?"

"Bored now."
(Tell me someone gets that and I'm not just a big nerd.)

The spray of dried up maple leaves he found next.

LOADS of fun!

And yes, the onesie reads "my way or the highway".


  1. I just LOVE these posts!!! They are the ONLY way I know what's going on!!


  2. Heh, you're not the only one. I don't have time to call folks much anymore.