Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Oh. That was your toast?"

I love my in-laws.  I truly do.  They're wonderful, sweet, endearing ladies.

The catch?  They don't think.  It doesn't occur to them that already-toasted bread freshly popped out of the toaster when they enter the kitchen at 7am might belong to the lactating mother in the house who stepped back into her bedroom to watch the baby while her breakfast cooked.  So they push the button down and send the toast (not bread, it's already toast) back for another round of crisping.  Which wouldn't be a problem if I were one of those people who likes her toast to resemble charcoal.  I'm not.  I like my toast... here's a shock... toasted.  As in warm and lightly crispy so I can still actually taste the bread.

Like this. 

So when I re-enter the kitchen thirty seconds after the toast is originally done, I hear this:

"Oh.  That was your toast?" 

I've been awake since five because JJ for some reason decided not to sleep until 7 like he usually does.  He's fussy and gassy and I'm a little concerned he might be constipated.  Those of you who knew me when know that I am most decidedly not a Morning Person.  So give me some credit for not snarling back, "Yes!  Yes, that was MY toast, which you would know if you had asked instead of just assuming it was up for grabs!"

I wanted to, but I didn't, because they're old, not used to other people being in the home, and quite accustomed to the men in their lives doing all their thinking for them, so it would have been pointless.  Never mind that they have very generously thrown open their home to us, kept us all fed, and not complained about my cats climbing on their knick-knack shelves, while John was still looking for a job.  

What I actually said was, "Yes, that was my toast," proceeded to rescue it before it completely turned to cinders, asked if either of them wanted it because I don't like it that hard, and spread it with jam when they declined.  I then retreated to our room so I could stop biting my tongue.  


As for the little man, he is presently enjoying Second Breakfast.  By his eating habits alone, one would swear I gave birth to a hobbit.  He certainly has the feet for it!  Check out these canoes!

(Btw, I adore my webcam... it makes the creation and sharing of embarrassing baby pictures so EASY!!)

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