Friday, December 16, 2011

BTDT Mommies, please explain this...

So, I have to ask.  What is with the biting?  No, I'm serious.  He is THREE WEEKS OLD, and he bites!  Hard.  Those bony little gums have left a ridiculous amount of bruising on things that do not appreciate bruising!  And he's too little to "thwock betwixt the eyes", as my mother put it.  (That would be a quote from my brother's baby book, from the day he bit her with his first tooth.)  So my only recourse is to unlatch the kid and start over.  Which results in a screaming angry baby.  Which results in more biting.

Anyone besides me seeing the vicious cycle here?

Worse yet is the dreaded Boob Yank.  The aforementioned bony gums are locked in place, but not so tightly as to arouse my suspicion just yet.  Then JJ randomly decides that he wants to look ... over... THERE, and tosses his head as far away from me as possible.  Without letting go first.    Oh, the agony.

John thinks it's hilarious, and has been on the receiving end of many a deadly maniacal grin promising vengeance if he does not shut his trap right the hegemony now.

Which, of course, has the effect of making him laugh even harder.  *rolls eyes*

Oh, well.  On to the next step, which is getting JJ to take a nap once he's full.  He's starting to stay awake and enjoy having us play with him between some of his feedings, which is at once fun (providing shutterbug me with opportunity to snap more embarrassing baby pictures), and tiring (I was taking naps too!!).  When he is disposed to sleep, he drops off fairly easily, often while still nursing, but then there is the challenge of getting him wrapped up and laid down without waking him up, or getting him back to sleep if that fails.  

In order to set this up properly, I have to back us up about 2 years.  Back to when I was working the graveyard shift at a truck stop Subway.  Meaning I slept during the day, usually from noon to about 8pm or thereabouts.

The sound of rain has always been a fabulous sedative for me.  So when I was having problems staying asleep for a sufficient amount of time, I went hunting online for a white noise site that did rain sounds.  What did I find?

Rainy Mood

It's a thirty minute recording of a decent early summer storm, complete with distant thunder, occasional birdsong, and oh-so-faint music of the Gregorian Chant variety sparsely woven throughout.  It is also looped, meaning it plays on continual repeat as long as you have the site open.

This site saved my sanity.  I would open the page, turn off my screen, and just let it play all day long while I slept.  Worked like a charm.  But now I have even greater reason to sing their praises.

Quietly, mind you, and definitely not from the roof-tops.

Yup.  Three weeks old today, and sound asleep.

This is the result of opening Rainy Mood and letting it play while little man was lying wide awake in his crib and staring at me with those unbelievably gorgeous eyes.  I had tried everything to get him to drop off, and he was fighting it, big time, despite the glassy expression & frequent yawning.  Nursing, lullabies, rocking, fresh diaper, new swaddle, laying over my heart, the works.  And was getting absolutely nowhere.  

Enter Rainy Mood.  Swaddle baby, tuck him in, open the website, and JJ is dead to the world in 15 minutes.  Thus why I am now able to spend time sharing the super-cute awesomeness with you, gentle readers.

Yes, Rainy Mood is still playing.  Tired I may be... stupid I ain't.

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