Friday, November 2, 2012

No, I haven't forgotten you...

JJ is 11 months old, active, healthy, happy, and driving me insane.

Haven't strangled him yet, promise!

See?  Here he is looking all dapper & cute as we went out for Halloween.

Best smile I got out of him until we got to church & he could crawl around... he wasn't a fan of the little booties or the hat!

"Mom, I look ridiculous!!!"

"You look adorable, and I want to show you off and take lots of embarrassing baby pictures!"


Anyway... I really do think about the blog.  It's just that most days I don't have the TIME.  If you know me on FB, you see more updates, because FB takes all of thirty seconds.  Posting here takes at least half an hour, and it's tough to find that thirty minutes all in one chunk when I don't have umpteen zillion other things I need to be doing.  There are diapers to wash and boxes to sort through and walks to take and kittens to feed (oh yeah, did I mention I got blessed with a litter of three adorable furbabies about three weeks ago?  No?  I didn't??  Gracious, how shameful!) and every once in a very great while I manage to sneak a shower or some exercise in there.

I'm not dropping the blog, I love it too much.  Posts are just gonna be sparse for a while until things settle out a bit around here.

Oh, and btw...

Halloween when your kid is too young for candy has got to be
the best holiday EVER!  Yes, I kept it to both sides of one street,
and mostly went out just to show him off, but hey, it's chocolate, folks!!

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