Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What can I say...

He's adorable, and I felt the need to photobomb.

Recent favorite JJ moments:

He refuses the preloaded spoon, so I set it on his tray, and he decides he wants it after all, demonstrating said want by putting his face down to the tray and sucking the applesauce off the spoon.  (Sorry, no picture, he never holds still long enough.)

He decides to blow raspberries on Mommy's chin:

His Linus imitation:

8 Month Puppy Feet!!!!

Beating on the cat... 

Minnows is surprisingly tolerant of being repeatedly smacked in the head.

Riding on the cat...  

Oh the things this cat will put up with in exchange for Mommy-time.

Queen Anne's Lace...

"My Mommy!!!"

Baby Food Popsicles...

And the resultant "Whuck????" 

And the finishing touch... Grumpy Baby to Laughing Baby, courtesy of the Photobooth program on my laptop.

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