Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daddies, take note.

This above all shalt be thy commandment.

Do.  Not.  Wake.  The.  Baby.

Late to work, so you have to hurry?  Suck it up and plan better tomorrow.

Missing out on time with your little one?  Suck it up and plan better tomorrow.

Want to give your deserving partner a well earned break?  Fabulous.  Wait until the kid's nap is over.

Have alarms set on two separate handheld electronic gizmos so you don't oversleep?  Make sure neither is in the baby's room.

Basically, unless the house is on fire, there is no excuse good enough for waking the baby.  Especially if you do so accidently-on-purpose right before going to work, thus leaving your partner to handle the ensuing meltdown.  Oh, everybody occasionally drops something or forgets to use their indoor voices (Gah... did I just say that???), but unless you feel like tempting fate...

... or in this case, the Wrath of Momma...

Do.  Not.  Wake.  The.  Baby.


  1. SHEESH.... I said I was sorry for leaving my iPod in the bedroom... and I wasn't late.. :-P

  2. LOL... seems I tickled a common nerve... ladies, what say you?